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ENRICH Calculator


Take control of your health

Taking control of your health starts with understanding your baseline. Answer six simple questions to discover more on risk factors and what you can do to improve and sustain healthy brain behavior. 


Dementia Risk

You can measure and mitigate your risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

6 Key Habits
1/3 Dementia Cases Prevented

Interested in a quick self-assessment?

2x Increase After 65

The BCAT® Cognitive Test

The BCAT® Cognitive Test is a scientifically validated tool that gives you the opportunity to walk through a comprehensive brain health assessment with a live specialist in 30 minutes. Once the assessment is complete, you’ll receive a personalized report detailing your results – straight to your inbox! You’ll be able to refer back to your report any time to make sure you’re living the most brain-healthy lifestyle possible.


Live Specialist

30 Minutes

Personalized Report

$89 Investment



Adult activity books designed to engage people challenged with memory concerns.

Start promoting healthy cognitive aging today!


The BCAT® Approach

Most people don't address cognitive decline until it's too late. We do. Experts say that the BCAT® Approach provides the most effective cognitive assessment on the market along with tools to help people experiencing any stage of cognitive impairment to age well and keep their brains healthy. We're here for providers, patients, and families.
We're here for you.

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Hear what people are saying about ENRICH® and The BCAT® Approach

"Cognitive assessment through the BCAT® virtual visit has been incredibly useful in screening clients for cognitive impairment, particularly when the clients don’t have easy access to dementia experts. The ENRICH® calculator is an excellent tool for helping my patients understand their risk for developing cognitive impairment."

- Jodi Lyons
CEO, SeniorSherpa



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