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The BCAT® Virtual Visit is a scientifically validated tool that gives you the opportunity to walk through a comprehensive brain health assessment with a live specialist in 30 minutes. Once the assessment is complete, you’ll receive a personalized report detailing your results – straight to your inbox! You’ll be able to refer back to your report any time to make sure you’re living the most brain-healthy lifestyle possible.


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Interested in a Quick Cognitive Self-Assessment?

myMemCheck™ is a scientifically validated rapid screening tool designed for adults and older adults who have concerns about memory and cognition. myMemCheck™ will tell you if you should have a more formal cognitive test administered by a professional.


Only a few minutes


Provides a brief snapshot of your cognitive functioning

On Demand

Online on-demand assessment

Quick Report

Immediately available report


$24 Investment


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Taking control of your health starts with understanding your baseline. Answer six simple questions to discover more on risk factors and what you can do to improve and sustain healthy brain behavior.